Thursday, August 25, 2016

Cricut 3D Paper Pumpkins

I've been playing with the Cricut files on Design Space, 3D Chevron Pumpkin and 3D Polka Dot Pumpkin and the Make it Now file that makes both in several sizes. Their directions call for five sheets of the outer paper and five sheets of the inner layer for each pumpkin, using hot glue to arrange them into a circle.

I found this rather bulky and awkward to assemble. I did do the math and figured out that for five sides to make a circle, I needed 72° degree angles between each section, This went okay until the last one. I didn't take into account the thickness of the sandwiched pieces.

My whole idea of paper crafting is that it shouldn't be difficult. I had made their 3D cactus which uses only four sections to make the base. I decided to modify the pumpkin pieces to assemble them more in this mode. Enjoy the video and send feedback if you've tried to make these as well.

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