Wednesday, July 20, 2016

New Video Class Live Online! Make Your Own Explosion Box!

 I had submitted this tutorial for Skill Share. For various reasons, I've withdrawn my membership for this site and will now post this on YouTube for all to see. It is still available to members on Skillshare.
Teachers, why not try a new hands-on approach for your students' projects next year? Instead of the same old shadow boxes, why not try making some book reports presented with explosion boxes? Or maybe a science report? Combine math skills to resize for smaller boxes.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Expanding My Cricut Skills

I've been trying to get full use of my Cricut Explore lately. It is a very complex machine with loads of uses. I've been learning to splice, not fully happy with my cutting board project, but at least I did manage to splice a figure and insert text. I ruined it when transferring, but at least saved my file to replace it.

I've also been intrigued by the pictures of cacti in the Make it Now Section of Design Space. I cut out the file for the paper terrarium and have assembled one cactus and three succulents so far. It should have cut out more pieces for the barrel cactus, but for some reason, I was left with only part of a barrel cactus. I also noticed on the video, that the one they are showing is much larger than the direct file to Cricut cut. Bigger would be better and would give a cleaner cut for the details.

I wish Cricut would finish making a video for the rest of the cacti in this group. The succulents shown on the You Tube videos I've seen are different from the ones that I downloaded from DS. I asked for advice from one of the Facebook pages, but got no hits, so I plowed ahead and threw the pieces together. I was pleased, I must say, on how they turned out.

I still need to finish the other cactus pieces littering my worktable, but got sidetracked with the 3D Dinosaur head. This is the second one of these types I've tried. I tangled an elephant a few years ago. These are very fun to cut and assemble. They're also numbered, so it helps to transfer the numbers to the back of the pieces with a pencil before assembly. They go together in numerical order, which helps.

Henry loved the dinosaur. I'm afraid this one may be destined for his office in the fall. I'll have to order more green paper. When I figure out how to pack these, I'll post them on my etsy shop, Tangled Moons.

So back to the paper flowers. My goal before the week is out is to try a rose with the pearl paper from Cricut and the hydrangea. I'll post results later.