Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New Explosion Boxes, But Oh What a Fall!

Two Sundays ago, I was on the phone and my husband's computer trying to restore our Internet link. When I stood up to check our land line, my foot caught in the bedspread end hanging on the floor next to his computer desk. I found myself flying toward the floor with a painful oomph. Hours later at the emergency clinic, I was told my right arm wasn't broken, but I needed to use a sling for several days because of the trauma to my arm and wrist. Of course, this is my dominant hand and arm. I put my etsy shop, Tangled Moons, on vacation for a week, estimating that I would be fine in a week.
Well, I am better - I can type a little and write/draw a little. I still can't pick up anything heavy or turn a doorknob with any resistance. Fortunately, Henry is a wonderful husband who has waited on me when needed and also is off work for the summer.
I have  opened the etsy shop again, but the listings are not offering variations at this time. What is listed is for sale as is. I have managed to get a few new photos of some boxes that were already made, so I have a few more listings to add. I'm not someone who is happy to sit back and do nothing, so I am exercising the arm as much as I can.
I'll have to set a new goal (2 more weeks) and I plan to be back on target. Not the summer I had planned, but I'm trying to make lemonade. I'm refocusing on creating a small book on Tangling with Die Cuts and may even start an Explosion Box book. Stay tuned.