Thursday, May 12, 2016

Weaving Kitchen Towels

I was so thrilled last night. Not only had I finally finished warping over 400 threads for a set of kitchen towels (seven yards plus), but I had finished weaving them, taken them off the loom and actually hemmed them, washed and dried them. Today I will press them, since they include a Mother's Day gift and a hostess gift. The remainder, the ones with funny flaws, are mine to enjoy. I can't wait to do this again. The next time I will try a set of twills. I used straight weaving this time.

Somehow, I managed to leave out a whole section of threads and had to go back and add the section. The result is a set of slightly off centered patterning, but unless one if a weaving aficionado, I don't think it will occur to anyone to notice.

This was my first set of towels to do. They were woven on my Mighty Wolf with 8/2 unmer

cerized cotton. I wish I could buy about ten more color cones to do more today!