Monday, August 24, 2015

Halloween Pinwheels

I've been having fun making pinwheels and also using vinyl to decorate/upcycle jars for Halloween candy. My sister, Rheta Russell suggested using Reese's Pieces to hold the pinwheels upright due to their fall colors. They worked really well.
One of my favorite vinyl projects is the "Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet" images. They fit nicely around a bottle I bought in the Target Dollar Bins. I've found that I prefer using contact paper over the Cricut transfer paper because of the transparency. This is really helpful when placing vinyl layers over glass. If you think it's too sticky, just palm it a few seconds and it takes some of the stickiness off. I love to recycle, but hate throwing out perfectly good jars, so I tend to hang onto jelly jars and others whose labels float off after soaking for a while. Stickier labels find themselves and their jars in my recycling bin. I have used Goo Gone, but can't really have the strong odors in the house. Try some of these images from Cricut and old jars/vases. Have fun!

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