Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Thick and Thin of Bamboo Bloom

I love the thick and thin yarn from Universal Yarn called Bamboo Bloom. It come in solids and in Handpaints. I'm working on my second cowl with the Handpaints and it is really starting to take shape. The gray cowl followed a pattern which called for double-wrapping the yarn before knitting when you reach the thicker wool parts. On the next row, this creates a nice little extra long loop. I don't remember the name of the pattern.

With the new pattern, The Interrupted Cowl, a freebie from, instead of double-wrapping, you just pearl the thicker parts.
I love the way this starts to create a scallop kind of edge. This is a fun yarn to work with and it weaves interesting cloth as well. I have one more skein of this limited run colorway, Hashi, on my etsy shop, The Irresistible Ewe, but I do have other colorways as well which would be beautiful knitted into cowls or other items as well.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Up-Cycled Holiday Nightlight

My husband had asked me to make a gluten-free cake with chocolate frosting for a school social and we usually go with canned frosting to save time. He brought home a container of Duncan Hines chocolate icing. After the container was spread on the cake, I was washing it for the recycling bin. I noticed how translucent the plastic was, so of course, my mind began working on how I could up-cycle this project.
It took some doing to get the sticky part off after the label was removed. Why manufacturers feel they need the paper to adhere with such a death grip is beyond me. I much prefer jars with cheap glue, where the label floats off after being soaked for just a few minutes.

I had a bag of battery tea lights left over from Halloween on the kitchen counter, so I turned one on and inserted it into the now-empty tub. The light shone through softly, but distinctly. I thought of the votive patterns I have seen on the Cricut Design Space and pulled out my black vinyl.

Since the top was red, I decided it would be best for a Christmas votive. I didn't see any Christmas votive patterns, so I used the Santa sleigh from the Christmas file and the HO HO HO from Christmas Kitsch.

I plan to give this away soon. I liked how the project turned out. I did have to work the Santa side a little to fit it to the contour of the tub. I would advise placing it on first lightly and then lifting parts carefully to get a smooth fit. I think this would be a fun project to make for little ones. The plastic is soft and won't break if dropped and the votive should be safe. I'm not sure about leaving it lit for a while; make sure the votives used will stay cool. Hope you like it. Wouldn't this be cute to set on a nightstand next to the child's bed the night before Christmas while you read your favorite holiday books with your child?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Diva Flamingo Tissue Box Cover

I've enjoyed making two different tissue box covers lately. My latest is the Diva Flamingo. I love the colors in this. This palm trees are done with the Cricut Design Space's Print & Cut. They came out very nicely. The flamingos were cut with pink and yellow cardstock, eyes inked  in afterward. I wasn't happy with the top opening, so decided to really Diva-it-up with feathers, giving it a softer appearance. The whole thing slips over a cube-shaped box of tissues. Fun, fun. It is now listed on my etsy shop, tangledmoons.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Last Day for Giveaway!

Don't forget: Today is the last day for the Last Knitter Standing Giveaway! To enter, just purchase at least one skein of Universal Yarn's Classic Worsted Yarn at The Irresistible Ewe, then fill out the Rafflecopter at this address:

Monday, August 24, 2015

Halloween Pinwheels

I've been having fun making pinwheels and also using vinyl to decorate/upcycle jars for Halloween candy. My sister, Rheta Russell suggested using Reese's Pieces to hold the pinwheels upright due to their fall colors. They worked really well.
One of my favorite vinyl projects is the "Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet" images. They fit nicely around a bottle I bought in the Target Dollar Bins. I've found that I prefer using contact paper over the Cricut transfer paper because of the transparency. This is really helpful when placing vinyl layers over glass. If you think it's too sticky, just palm it a few seconds and it takes some of the stickiness off. I love to recycle, but hate throwing out perfectly good jars, so I tend to hang onto jelly jars and others whose labels float off after soaking for a while. Stickier labels find themselves and their jars in my recycling bin. I have used Goo Gone, but can't really have the strong odors in the house. Try some of these images from Cricut and old jars/vases. Have fun!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Halloween Tissue Box Cover

I made a Halloween tissue box cover this week using the Cricut project by 1CraftyLady.  Her measurements for the panels were great and I used these to build the basic cover. I used the Cricut Design Space to find pumpkin, cat and spider images that I liked and added a fence from their library as well. I didn't take into account the sides of the top, so when I had finished the bottom, realized that part of the top would be covered up by the lid. Instead, I decided to glue the sides to the sides of the lid, making it one piece. The lid was trimmed with washi tape. It's sort of like a slip cover for small cube-shaped tissue boxes. I think I would also store this on top of an empty box to keep the shape. This was so much fun, I think I'll make more. Maybe a monster box?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Giveaway: Last Knitter Standing, A Knitting Game

Okay, now, I need to move some yarn. One of my favorite yarns from Universal, Classic Worsted, has been discontinued. I invested in several bags and am passing on the savings to my customers. It's been a while since I held a giveaway, so I thought I would combine these sales with a fun prize. The contest starts August 1 and goes through August 31. (If you purchased any of the Classic Worsted in July, I'll grandfather you in; go ahead and enter.)

Last Knitter Standing is a knitting game that will liven up your next fiber gathering. It includes fiber-related trivia questions to test your knitting knowledge with a challenge of your knitting skills. The knitter with the most knitted rows at he end of the game is the winner. Will you be the Last Knitter Standing?

Since all contests must have rules, here are mine:
1. You must purchase at least two skeins of Classic Worsted Yarn OR at least one skein of another yarn AND at least one skein of Classic Worsted Yarn. I will verify this after the contest is over. You will be eliminated if this had not happened. You can enter as many times as you purchase.
2. Optional to win extra entries. Tweet about the contest on twitter.
3. Visit The Irresistible Ewe's Facebook Page and Like Us.

Good luck and thank you for visiting my etsy shop. Again, the contest starts August 1 and runs through August 31. a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, July 16, 2015

We R Memory Keepers Pinwheel Punch

I recently retired from many years in education. The day was a long while coming and greatly anticipated. I felt like a kid in a candy store with so much time on my hands and so many craft projects to explore.

I received a gift card from the teachers on my hallway and decided to invest in some new tools, among them some punch boards by We R Memory Keepers. One of the first that I tried and an immediate favorite was the Pinwheel Punch Board. Slightly daunting at first, it sat in the plastic until I had visited several YouTube channels to see this demonstrated. I succeeded in making a few pinwheels, but they just didn't spin like the ones on YouTube. So, I did my usual fallback strategy when things don't seem quite right - I read the directions on the back of the attachments bag! Guess what? It helps to read directions! Who knew?

Since then, I've been spinning my - pinwheels! I thought I would put together a picture tutorial for my readers in case you find yourself in the same fix. It's also been too long since I posted, something I'm determined to change. Here goes and please send questions or comments or pictures of your projects with this punch. I do have some listed on my etsy shop, tangledmoons and will soon also list on my theirresistibleewe etsy shop as well.


Friday, January 23, 2015

Yarn Sell Out!

Universal Yarn is discontinuing its yarn, Classic Worsted. I love this yarn for crocheting the soft stuffies. I bought a lot to sell on my etsy shop, The Irresistible Ewe. I managed to post all but three colors today, staying home with a sick hubby. The weather is miserable today, cold and rainy, so pictures inside and out did not show true colors of these three - Fiesta Orange, Rose Pink and Ocean Wave. If you love this yarn, buy it soon. When it's gone, it's gone.$3.00 per skein, or $2.50 per skein for 5 or more skeins. Contact me first so that I can arrange an etsy private sale for you. These make great afghans or baby blankets.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

New Blog - Tangled Moons

I've decided to split my Crafterdays blog to separate the Zentangle news from my other crafts. I'd like to devote my attention to introducing some new craft tutorials online. My first one will involve learning Zentangle® patterns to embellish a hummingbird die-cut from Cricut. Please join in the fun on my new blog, Tangled Moons.