Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December Zentangle Class

I had the privilege of teaching two holiday Zentangle classes in December. The first, a holiday card class was all about re-purposing old Christmas cards with Zentangle patterns. You know the cards, the ones that sit in a box or basket for years and seem to get more blah by the minute. They're also the ones that you bought in a large quantity and didn't have enough people to use them us, so you don't know to whom you've sent which cards after a while. Not being from a large family, I'm one of these people. Also, half of our family gets Christmas cards and half gets Hanukkah, which makes the problem worse. I had some mostly gold-ish cards which looked much better and completely different with a few colorful tangles added.

The Dollar Tree came in handy with inexpensive cards with white doves, just begging for tangles. The Identi-Pens by Sakura were wonderful for both classes as they are permanent and dry a lot faster than Sharpies. Jo-Ann's and Amazon are good resources for these.

The ornaments class was even more fun, as the rounded shape of the ornament offers more of a challenge. I'm showing my student's work here. At the last minute, I couldn't resist jumping in to do a penguin ornament Sandy Steen Bartholomew style. I just love the whimsy of her tangles. My students were all repeaters, which made the class even more special.

And, if you're looking for inexpensive satin ornaments like the ones we used, try Hobby Lobby. They now have them at a 66% discount. I bought lots for next year when I'll be retired. My mother and sister and I are already planning a craft fair.

Last thing, one of my green fennels is still not only hanging on, but is also sprouting new growth. You just have to love a North Carolina winter!

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