Sunday, December 29, 2013

Zentangle® Scrapbook

One of my other holiday projects is embellishing the cover of my Zentangle® Scrapbook. I'm incorporating some of my favorite tangles and projects as well as photos from my recent Certification Seminar in Rhode Island. I had selected a black cover, then decided to move my classroom scrapbook pages in to a larger book since I was running out of room. I've given the black cover to the classroom book and chose a brown paper one from Recollections (purchased at Michael's).

The brown paper cover is perfect for the micro pens, especially the sepia ones used for the Zentangle Renaissance tiles. I'm finding that I love working with this media. We did try the Renaissance tiles at seminar, but they seemed a little intimidating at the time. My Tombow brown-hued markers are helping with shading and I'm getting to know the Zenstone (white soapstone) to add highlights. This is becoming a work of joy as the individual tangles start to take on a life of their own and pop off of the cover.

I have still not tackled the fabric projects (Zentangle apron and bags), but I do have time later. The markers will wait until I finish the scrapbook, however.  I will post updates as I make progress. Stay tuned.

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