Sunday, December 1, 2013

Star of David Aura Knot Tangle

I had a request to show how I drew the Star of David Aura Knot Tangle, so I whipped up this short video this morning. I'm still getting to know my new Ziggi doc camera that Henry gave me for Hanukkah, so it's a little rough. No sound yet, but I intentionally left that off since my house was not vacant this morning. I'll gradually learn to capture the video without the extra buttons showing on the side, hopefully and be able to add voice-overs. I made a mistake on the third row of lines, but time isn't on my side today, so I'm showing it warts and all. I hope this is clear for everyone. I used liteCam HD software to capture the screen image and Windows Movie Maker (free) to add the titles and publish to the computer. Just add your own choice of music and enjoy! My treat!

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Anonymous said...

Love this - I'm donating a Zentangle class for a synagogue auction and wanted to include some Judaica! I tangled Torahs with Sunday school class and the teens loved it!
Macon, GA