Sunday, December 29, 2013

Zentangle® Scrapbook

One of my other holiday projects is embellishing the cover of my Zentangle® Scrapbook. I'm incorporating some of my favorite tangles and projects as well as photos from my recent Certification Seminar in Rhode Island. I had selected a black cover, then decided to move my classroom scrapbook pages in to a larger book since I was running out of room. I've given the black cover to the classroom book and chose a brown paper one from Recollections (purchased at Michael's).

The brown paper cover is perfect for the micro pens, especially the sepia ones used for the Zentangle Renaissance tiles. I'm finding that I love working with this media. We did try the Renaissance tiles at seminar, but they seemed a little intimidating at the time. My Tombow brown-hued markers are helping with shading and I'm getting to know the Zenstone (white soapstone) to add highlights. This is becoming a work of joy as the individual tangles start to take on a life of their own and pop off of the cover.

I have still not tackled the fabric projects (Zentangle apron and bags), but I do have time later. The markers will wait until I finish the scrapbook, however.  I will post updates as I make progress. Stay tuned.

Holiday Creations: Zentangle® Christmas Cards

I wanted to make my Christmas Cards this year and to use my Zentangle® skills to do it. It seemed overwhelming when I finally got the time to start on them. Instead of doing individual ones, I tangled two tiles and scanned them onto the computer. I ran off copies onto nice card stock and incorporated them onto cards that I purchased. Is this cheating? Well, considering my heavy work schedule during the school year, ummm.... no. I like this idea for time saving and for anyone who wishes to start his/her own line of cards. Sure, it's nice to have a hand-drawn tangled card, which would tend to be pricier than photo-copied. It depends on what you're going for. If you have a nice design that you'd like to use for multiple cards, then photocopying would be an option for you as well.

I used the Christmas baubles for my co-workers on my hall. The tree was used for my family's cards. I used a strip of Christmas-themed gold washi tape for the border for these.

Something to think about is the background color of the card to be used. You can select colored cardstock to score and use or look at the colors available for the packaged cards. Right now, they're on sale at different craft stores, so you can probably pick up some deals as I did. Compare sizes, as these vary. If you select the card first, then this might determine the colors used for the Zentangle tile if you choose to go beyond the usual black and white designs. I didn't, but lucked out that my selected blues and greens coordinated with several different cards in the box.
I'm looking ahead to Valentines Day for the pink and red cards left in the box. I guess the yellow can wait for birthday or summer? Maybe next Halloween? It doesn't tie in to a holiday for me, but maybe Easter? Okay, that's for another day. Thanks for checking in with me again. Happy Crafting!

Holiday Creations Rheta's Christmas Tree

I have been noodling with different crafting projects over this holiday season, trying to get in as much as possible before the Jan 2 return to my day job deadline. I remembered last minute that I promised my sister, Rheta, to make her a rosette tree in blue this year. I'm glad I did, because I finally figured out how to open the CCR files from Cricut. There are definite quirks to this system as anyone who has downloaded any of these files has discovered. You have to have the Cricut Craft Room downloaded and working on your computer to open these up. When you have downloaded the files and saved it, open the Cricut Craft Room and click on File and Open. Select the CCR file and then wait for it to appear on your screen mat. With the Rosette Tree file, it looks like a lot of gobbledygook. Just go to "Cut" and there you'll have the choice of selecting "Cut all files separately" or each individual file. The files are named, such as "Reindeer" or "Charles." I'd rather they named them according to size as well. I didn't take the time to rename them yet, but have changed the colors of each layer on the opening page. Look at the top of the screen when the whole thing is displayed and you can re-color code and well as rename. This would save a lot of time in the long run if you plan to make more than one tree. I tend to plan last minute, so as usual, I didn't have a skewer to thread all the rosettes when I needed. I made a smaller one last year for my parents and found you need something to stabilize this project due to the heaviness of the rosettes. I did remember that I had a pair of #2 straight knitting needles that I would never use. I hot-glued the head of one of the needles to a Styrofoam plate which did quite nicely. The pointed end also helped the rosettes go through more easily. You need to add a rosette circle to the top AND bottom of each rosette to hold it together well. Try not to do as I did and put too much hot glue in the very center of the circles, since this makes it hard to get the skewer through it. I'm so much better at hindsight:) I would add that it would be better to make centered holes for each rosette circle PRIOR to putting these together. I'm learning as I go. I would like to redesign this tree. For example, toward the top of the large tree instructions, the directions call for making two layers twice. I did one of these and found it odd in appearance. The gradual reduction in size looks off. I'd also like to experiment with the other rosettes available in the Ribbons and Rosettes cartridge for various holidays, such as Halloween and Valentine's day. If time allows, I'd love to do a Valentine video for this project. Keep a lookout.  

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Star of David Aura Knot Tangle

I had a request to show how I drew the Star of David Aura Knot Tangle, so I whipped up this short video this morning. I'm still getting to know my new Ziggi doc camera that Henry gave me for Hanukkah, so it's a little rough. No sound yet, but I intentionally left that off since my house was not vacant this morning. I'll gradually learn to capture the video without the extra buttons showing on the side, hopefully and be able to add voice-overs. I made a mistake on the third row of lines, but time isn't on my side today, so I'm showing it warts and all. I hope this is clear for everyone. I used liteCam HD software to capture the screen image and Windows Movie Maker (free) to add the titles and publish to the computer. Just add your own choice of music and enjoy! My treat!