Saturday, November 2, 2013

Upcoming CZT Seminar

I'm on pins and needles awaiting my trip to the Zentangle® CZT Seminar November 10 with Rick and Maria. This will be my first trip to Rhode Island and a lovely break from teaching for a few days. I'm trying to imagine how peaceful three and a half days of zentangle relaxation could be. I have the perfect sub for my students, a whole day planned with one of our computer labs for them, so that part is secure. My husband, Henry is right now suffering with a possible stress fracture in his right foot, so I'll need to make sure everything is left easy for him to navigate - two cats who demand breakfast at 5:30 every morning, whether I'm working that day or not, and a frisky maltipoo to let out, not the easiest thing wearing a cumbersome boot. He has assured me that he is fine to manage without me for a few days. Quick trips are not usually as simple as they seem. Thanks to my wonderful neighbors, though, I know he has resources he can count on if needed. I wonder if this is the kind of stress parents feel when leaving home for a few days with kids at the grandparents.

There is a definite pull and push here. I've waited months to get to go this seminar as they're generally booked well in advance. My love of Zentangle has only grown since I first discovered it. I'm sponsoring a Zentangle Club for the second year at school and even my regular students who aren't in the club are asking for tangles to do in their spare time. I'm more than happy to teach it to anyone who wants to learn. If anything, we can always use stress-reducers at school. I also can't wait to share what I learn with my blog followers and others in my community. Eight more days.......!

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