Friday, November 15, 2013

CZT® 13

Kathryn Jacoby, CZT

I can't believe it's already over. After waiting months to attend the 13th Zentangle® Certification in Providence, RI. I've been home for two whole days and although my exhaustion from spending almost ten hours in airports on the way home Wednesday, I still smile to myself when I remember my time away. When I entered the Hotel Providence, the immediate feeling was one of such positive energy and happiness.
Everyone at the conference (over 100 participants) was so open and friendly, not to mention supportive.

I had taken a chance on a roommate in order to help me meet others. I'm not an outgoing person in crowds and usually stay pretty quiet around others I don't know. I'm so glad I didn't choose a single room. I met the most wonderful friends over these days and felt instant companionship with my roommate and others attending.

Kathryn Jacoby, CZT
The classes were intensive, but fun. We covered basic tangles and a few more complicated ones, plus a top secret new one coming out soon. We also received priceless teaching tips and techniques from Rick, Maria, Molly (Maria's wonderful daughter) and others there. That in itself was well worth the trip. I have so many ideas about where to being teaching my classes. The Zentangle staff are a warm group who make everyone feel at home, relaxed and a welcome part of the Zentangle family.

Am I ready to teach? You bet! I'm not going to rush the process, however. There is a lot of planning involved in teaching anything, which 30 years in education have taught me. There are also logistics as to where to teach, overhead, who to teach, etc. I recently took an online class on teaching crafts, specifically, the business end of things. I plan to review the course again to make sure I'm not leaving out advice needed. I've taught many craft classes, from gourd design to One-Stroke Painting. I feel even more confident now with Zentangle. Plus, I know I'll have a wonderful support group to help me succeed.

We joked a lot this week about being the 13th CZT group, finishing up on the 13th day of November in the year 2013. We all felt extremely lucky to have made it to the conference, to have met Rick and Maria as well as each other. I would definitely encourage anyone who loves Zentangle to go to a conference, even if they plan on just enjoying creating Zentangle and not teaching.

In all of the craft conferences I've attended, I've never felt the positive energy that flowed throughout the hotel. Even the hotel staff admitted that they usually ask to work during the Zentangle conferences and that the Zentangle students are always more "family" than the actual families they usually host. That pretty much sums up the feeling of everyone I met and I look forward to hearing from many of them in the future.

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