Monday, July 15, 2013

Organization Ribbons

I have a lot of stackable drawers in my craft studio. The drawers look neat and clean - until you open some of them. I  bought some ribbon today when out shopping with my sister, Rheta. I opened the ribbon drawer and made a decision to try making a ribbon organizer.
I had set aside a couple of shoe boxes, intending to put them with the recycling. I was planning to use them when I remembered I had at least one photo box from Michaels that was empty and some dowel rods in my attic. They were a little too big and not as long as I'd like them, but I was determined to use what was on hand. I managed to get two rows of ribbon. Some of the ribbon spools had holes too small. I made small cuts around the holes and pushed them in slightly. Not too pretty, but it doesn't show. 

It helps to load one of the ribbons on one of the dowell rods and another on the other dowell rod to see where they'll fit in the box. Draw a circle around the dowell end and then use scissors to punch through.
I didn't finish emptying the drawer and  again, it's not as pretty as the more expensive ready made ones at the craft store, but then, HGTV isn't exactly breaking down my door to take pictures of my studio decor either:) I'm happy for now to have emptied these rolls at least The box is prettier than a shoe box and best of all, Michael's has these boxes on sale right now!

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