Thursday, July 11, 2013

Farewell to the Knifty Knitters

I recently received an email from with bargain prices on knifty knitters and accessories. I also get emails from the Loom Knitters Blog, so I connected the two to pass on the savings. I rarely use my looms, but still enjoy them for quick projects once in a while. I also have a certain fondness for them as they got me started knitting. I had tried knitting before and was unsuccessful. I've spent many a happy hour making items on my KK's and have also taught numerous students how to use them.
I followed the emails from the Loom Knitters and found out today that the Knifty Knitters are being discontinued. I'm not reading good reviews for the Boye versions, and the Martha Stewart ones, although everything her company produces is fantastic, are a little pricey, especially for young kids.
I Googled "Knifty Knitters being discontinued" and found a very nice blog, Renee Van Hoy's The Invisible Loom, which says it all better than I could. Her blog also has reviews of the other looms which is very informative.
So, if you are attached to the Knifty Knitter and would like to purchase them before they're gone, I'd suggest that you not wait. Check out the websites mentioned.

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