Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Birthday Cards

July is a busy month for birthdays in our family and with our friends. I'm working on birthday cards for my nephew and great nephew. So far, I've finished one for my nephew. I'm taking a class online with Marie Browning again, this time using Irojitin Pencils on My Creative Classroom. Marie showed us how to transfer photographs to paper in order to enhance them with pencils. I had a photo of a Monarch butterfly from my butterfly bushes and decided to use this. I traced the butterfly and vague outlines of the flowers. I used Irojiten pencils for the colors, scumbling the background using colors from the flowers and butterfly and some pale lavenders., The black is inked in with Sakura Pigma Micron 01 and 05pens. I used a Martha Stewart punch for the double layered leaf embellishment and a Hero Arts stamp for the "happy birthday." The stamp got a little messy, but I cleaned most of it up with a sepia micron 01 pen. The scan of the card doesn't show the flowers well due to the paleness of them, but I like the contrast. I can draw basic things, but I'm not up to drawing this butterfly free-handed, so, thanks, Marie for showing us how to transfer our own photos to projects like these.

Holiday Ornaments with Zentangle®

This is a fabulous video with Suzanne McNeill, CZT, which shows how to make beautiful Zentangle inspired Christmas ornaments. This gives me ideas for a fund-raising project for my Zentangle Club students this year. Do I need to make a run to Michael's? Ummm...twist my arm!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Organization Ribbons

I have a lot of stackable drawers in my craft studio. The drawers look neat and clean - until you open some of them. I  bought some ribbon today when out shopping with my sister, Rheta. I opened the ribbon drawer and made a decision to try making a ribbon organizer.
I had set aside a couple of shoe boxes, intending to put them with the recycling. I was planning to use them when I remembered I had at least one photo box from Michaels that was empty and some dowel rods in my attic. They were a little too big and not as long as I'd like them, but I was determined to use what was on hand. I managed to get two rows of ribbon. Some of the ribbon spools had holes too small. I made small cuts around the holes and pushed them in slightly. Not too pretty, but it doesn't show. 

It helps to load one of the ribbons on one of the dowell rods and another on the other dowell rod to see where they'll fit in the box. Draw a circle around the dowell end and then use scissors to punch through.
I didn't finish emptying the drawer and  again, it's not as pretty as the more expensive ready made ones at the craft store, but then, HGTV isn't exactly breaking down my door to take pictures of my studio decor either:) I'm happy for now to have emptied these rolls at least The box is prettier than a shoe box and best of all, Michael's has these boxes on sale right now!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Farewell to the Knifty Knitters

I recently received an email from with bargain prices on knifty knitters and accessories. I also get emails from the Loom Knitters Blog, so I connected the two to pass on the savings. I rarely use my looms, but still enjoy them for quick projects once in a while. I also have a certain fondness for them as they got me started knitting. I had tried knitting before and was unsuccessful. I've spent many a happy hour making items on my KK's and have also taught numerous students how to use them.
I followed the emails from the Loom Knitters and found out today that the Knifty Knitters are being discontinued. I'm not reading good reviews for the Boye versions, and the Martha Stewart ones, although everything her company produces is fantastic, are a little pricey, especially for young kids.
I Googled "Knifty Knitters being discontinued" and found a very nice blog, Renee Van Hoy's The Invisible Loom, which says it all better than I could. Her blog also has reviews of the other looms which is very informative.
So, if you are attached to the Knifty Knitter and would like to purchase them before they're gone, I'd suggest that you not wait. Check out the websites mentioned.