Sunday, September 2, 2012

Scrappin' the Family

I bought the Scrap'n Easel this summer and have wanted to get started with scrapbooks for the great neices and nephew. I finally had a chance last night and have been in love with it since. The magnets that come with it to hold pieces in place on its magnetic board are great. One note of caution: They're small, so if you have little ones or four-footed friends nearby, be careful with them. The magnetic ruler seems to have lost it's hold over the summer, but I wonder if I could re-magnetize it with the magnets. I also made myself border templates with old cereal boxes. It just takes a minute to cut a strip, draw a squiggly line down the middle and then cut them out. It helps to number both sides as you go so that you can match them up later. I think I need to cut them out with more depth for overlapping. You can see in at least one of the pictures that there is a little gap. No worries, I haven't broken out the Cricut for embellishments yet, but that will take care of those. I used DCWV's Nana's Kids pack for the background and borders. I love the bright colors and patterns. I think this has me over the hurdle of at least starting into scrapping. I'm still working on these pages, but I feel the hard part is over. I usually get stuck on the beginning of a page. The easel takes a lot of the physical work out of this as well, eliminating the backache of bending over the pages. I downloaded an ebook of scrapbooking with 4x6 pictures which will also help me brave the beginning. So, look for more scrapping ahead. Happy Crafting!

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