Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Blanket Project

I've been trying to reduce the yarn stash in my shop and decided to use the Classic Worsted to weave a baby blanket for a neighbor. I signed onto to establish a pattern since I wanted to use cream, bubblegum pink, granny smith green and primrose yellow. You can find my pattern on this website under "Boyd Baby Blanket." Pictures should come later. I figured with the size 8-dent reed of 36 inches, I'd have 288 threads. I designed my blanket with a total of one repeat adding up to 17 threads, this wasn't divisible by 288 evenly, so I went back to the design maker and increased my yellow by one thread. This worked perfectly at 16 repeats of 18 threads for a total of 288. Pictures later when I begin to warp.

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