Monday, April 23, 2012

Baby Blanket Project

I've been trying to reduce the yarn stash in my shop and decided to use the Classic Worsted to weave a baby blanket for a neighbor. I signed onto to establish a pattern since I wanted to use cream, bubblegum pink, granny smith green and primrose yellow. You can find my pattern on this website under "Boyd Baby Blanket." Pictures should come later. I figured with the size 8-dent reed of 36 inches, I'd have 288 threads. I designed my blanket with a total of one repeat adding up to 17 threads, this wasn't divisible by 288 evenly, so I went back to the design maker and increased my yellow by one thread. This worked perfectly at 16 repeats of 18 threads for a total of 288. Pictures later when I begin to warp.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Plain Weave with Self-Patterning Yarn

I've been trying plain weave on my 8-shaft loom spruced up with variegated yarn. I've been using a 1-2-3-4 pattern for warping. The first piece was warped with Nazli Gelin Egyptian cotton in lime green and woven with Cotton Supreme Batik Watermelon Patch. I love the way the variegated yarn makes even plain weave so much more interesting.
The next project became a little more adventurous.  I warped Nazli Gelin again, but in royal blue & white metallic (20 blue/25 white). I'm using North Pole patterned sock yarn by Wisdom Yarns (Jack
Frost). It's been fascinating to see the patterns unfolding.
For those of you with rigid heddle looms, try variegated yarn and plain weave. It opens all kinds of possibilities.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Knitted Seder Plate


This beautiful knitted seder plate was posted on Facebook on the Carolina Fiber Fest page. The knitting is done by tikkunknits from The knitting patterns available are beautiful and all proceeds go to peacemaking efforts in Israel. I've been looking for a yarmulke pattern that is knitted and she has several, even a kufi pattern that is just beautiful. I have a feeling that I may spend some time in her etsy store.