Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Greetings!
I'm still trying my hand at greeting cards. I love the use of different textures and patterns coming together on cards, but I find it's harder than it looks to keep a card or scrapbook page from looking like I just stuck a bunch of pieces of paper on the page. I'm taking a free online course, called the 2012 Resolved to Get Organized Challenge. Although I don't think I can afford the merchandise they're offering right now, it has given me a lot of ideas of how to organize my scrapbook materials so that they're easily accessible and not forgotten. I feel like about a third of my crafting time in my studio ends up in organization/straightening up time, not always a bad thing. However, I would like to reduce this and be able to put my hands on what I need at a second's notice. One of the most helpful hints so far has been to separate whole pieces of scrapbook paper from the scraps and to place the scraps into a clear sleeve. So far, I've been through my reds and blues and have tried to color coordinate the solid scraps with the patterned ones. Maybe a few minutes now will help when pulling together a page later. It did help with getting this card together for Henry. He loved it (couldn't wait until Tuesday to give it to him), so it must be a success.

I also came across another website for scrapbooking that I really love.  Daisies & Dimples has beautiful  electronic scrapbook patterns/layouts for sale for great prices. They offer free downloads that are really gorgeous and several wonderful designers. Here's the website:


Rudee said...

I like the card.

I don't know how my yarn room gets so messed up, but it does. I'm bad at keeping it organized. I go through it all twice a year and I'm about due.

Melissa said...

I totally understand how you feel about coordinating papers on a card. I think it takes a little bit of adventure to make things work. I never glue anything down until I'm happy with the presentation. I'm stopping by from the Link up party on Pink Cricut, and I'm a new follower. I would love for you to join my page too!


Pink Cricut said...

SUch a sweet card!

Pink Cricut said...

Such a sweet card!