Thursday, November 17, 2011

Back at The EWE and etsy

We've moved our yarns, etc. from Art Fire to etsy and a few on the original website, I had complained a good while back that Art Fire was somehow not transferring the shipping costs from the sales to paypal. This necessitated my having to bother the customer about making an extra payment to paypal for shipping costs or my raising thew price of each item to include shipping. This made our yarn seem unusually expensive. My sister opened an etsy account - Rheta Russell Photography, and has been happy with her sales of photo props. I decided to try a few yarns and have been very happy - NO PROBLEMS WITH PAYPAL! Imagine that. I have mainly discontinued yarns on and the newer ones on etsy. Check out our newest beauties: Bamboo Bloom Handpaints and Mohair Mountain. The textures and colors are incredible. I can't wait to go on vacation and have time to start knitting with them.

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