Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Project on Wolf

I have my first project on my new loom warped. I did have to make a few adjustments, but this time the warping went smoother than during my lessons. I'm having to adjust the lighting to see correctly through the harnesses. A stool of the correct height is essential for this. I'm also learning to loosen the metal braces on the harnesses before starting to warp as the pattern played havoc with my carefully proportioned eyelets once I'd started. I'm still waiting on my boat shuttles, one from ebay and another from WEBS. But, since the scarf I chose to start with is narrow, my impatience won out and I pulled a flat shuttle from my rigid heddle tool drawer and started with it. It's not as smooth weaving as the boat shuttles will be, but is sufficing, and I'm delighted with the results. My selvedges, although not perfect, are getting much better. I'm only using four of the eight shafts, but until my feet get a little wetter, these simpler patterns will be a good learning experience. I'm using the pattern for the huck lace scarf on page 62 of the May/June 2011 issue of Handwoven Magazine, a purple 3/2 thread for warp and Fibranatura Cobblestone 100% superwash merino wool yarn (#304 Bourbon Street) to weave.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weaving Bug

I decided to take weaving lessons this summer as a research project for a novel I'm working on. Sad to say, the novel still needs a lot more work, but the lessons have turned me in a new crafting direction. I've been weaving on two rigid heddle looms for a couple of years now, but I wanted to know more about using floor looms. I was able to take lessons from Marilyn Vandersea at Weaver's Web Gallery yarn shop in New Bern, NC, a little over an hour from home. I have been enchanted with floor looms since one of my roommates in college had her big jack floor loom in our living room. She wove cloth that she made into clothing. I've been about two times a week for the last month and have completed one twill sample runner and a small runner of huck lace. I still have a way to go on weaving good selvedges, but I am getting a little better.

In looking around at used looms, I lucked out and found out that a very nice lady in the New Bern weaving guild was upgrading to a new loom and was selling her Mighty Wolf. I sent her my phone number with her friend Thursday night and today drove my new loom home amid torrents of rain. We had to take the wheels off to fit it into the van, but it did make the trip to Goldsboro and into the house when the rain cleared. When Henry has help, we'll move it upstairs to my studio and its new spot. I have everything but a shuttle, so maybe by the time it arrives in the mail, the loom will be upstairs and warped. I'm starting back to teaching next week, so this will be a treat to come home to in the afternoons.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cricut Giveaways at My Craft Channel

My Craft Channel, which will air online this fall, is giving away 20 Cricut Expression machines in 20 days. They have three left, so visit their Facebook page and Like them, and leave a comment on their blog page. Share with five of your friends and let them know to enter to win a machine. Good luck!