Sunday, July 24, 2011

Big Sales at the EWE

After a lot of careful thought, I've decided to close my main website for The Irresistible Ewe yarn store. It has begun to take quite a deal of my time that I would rather be devoting to writing and crafting a few things myself. It is also not possible for me to expand the business at this time due to having about four more years of teaching in the public schools. I miss having my spare time to devote to doing crafts. Yes, I do squeeze them in, but the bulk of my time is putting on sales, tweeting the sales, face booking the sales, changing prices, sending out newsletters, etc. etc. I've sent a letter out to my clients and will post this to my website tomorrow. To celebrate this move, I'm offering 25% off most yarns from today through July 31. Use the code: xmasinjuly.
Almost all of my yarns have been moved to my studio site at Art Fire. Yes, you may remember, I did get quite miffed with them last year, but later realized that I had been getting some sales and was cutting off the wool to spite the sheep, so to speak. I have swallowed my pride and have been happy to be back. The site is quite easy to manage and will be much less expensive in the long run than running a separate store.
I'm hoping to eventually replace all the acrylic yarns with natural fibers and to start including more rovings and handspun yarns as well as other one-of-a-kind items such as felted hats and woven scarves.

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