Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Henry and I don't have kids, but we celebrate Mother's Day and Father's Day for our parents and in honor of our four-legged "kids." This year, we've been fortunate to have been adopted once again. Our pond is now home to a beautiful yellow-bellied slider. For Father's Day, my sister Rheta and I made a banner for our Dad which will be put up at our parents' house tomorrow. I also made one for Henry for our house. I used colored cardstock from Michael's for the pennants and a sheet of glitter brown for the letters, Cricut cartridge Animal Kingdom for the cats and turtle, and Country Life for the Pennant. A wooden bead strung on hemp cording between the pennants gave just a little touch of unity to the whole thing. Rosettes were made from scrapbook paper from Target. To make these, cut two strips 2" x 12" and crease using the Martha Stewart folding board, every half inch. Accordian fold, then glue ends together, overlapping so they are in sync. Start pressing in the inner edges until all fold in to the middle. It helps to have two circles of contrasting paper already cut out with Tacky Glue on them. Place one on each side in the center to hold the rosette together. You might want to hold it a minute until it's secured.

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