Thursday, April 21, 2011

Knit-Along Sweater Update

I am making very slow progress, not because of the pattern, Sherwood, but because of the end of school activities. We're finally on Spring Break, so I hope to complete this and get my wool dyed for the upcoming Carolina Fiber Fest (May 20-22, 2011). I have completed the back section up to the neck and have started on the front panel. I did find the directions for shaping the shoulders a little confusing. My mother is almost finished with her sweater and helped me work through these. The pattern might be easier to understand if they specified to bind off all stitches loosely before stating to work 28( 20, etc) back neck sts. What I ended up doing was to bind off 16 (I'm making the medium) sts at one shoulder, then knitting across to the end of the other shoulder. I then bound off 16 sts from that shoulder. I transferred the remaining stitches onto a size 9, 16-inch set of circular needles to hold until I finish the front panel.
I am happy that I found another skein that started at the same color. Now both sides match.

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