Monday, March 21, 2011

Knit-Along Update March 21

I started my Sherwood sweater Saturday, but don't have much to report as of today. The pollen is out in full force and I spent half the weekend trying to use up every tissue in the house. I am only six rows into the bottom border now, but the yarn is knitting up beautifully. I'm using Color 721 Chili Pepper and love the rust shades with just a hint of purple. I can't wait for the green to start working its way into the pattern. I'm still staying inside as much as possible, although during the day at school, there's not much getting away from the yellow stuff. Our air conditioning has not been turned on yet this year, and my classroom windows get all of the afternoon sun. Even with the ceiling fans going, I have to relent some days and open the one window in the room that I'm able to open just to get a breeze going. And, with that comes the pollen. Hence, my discomfort. I'm going to take it easy tonight and see if I can get into the Stockinett Stitches. This is an easy pattern and it should go fast. I'll post pictures every few days. If any of you are knitting along with me, send in your pictures and I'll be glad to post them.

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