Monday, February 28, 2011

Signs of Spring in NC

One sign that Spring is around the corner: my Daphne is blooming. This usually is during chilly weather, but the temperature yesterday was in the 80's. I finally got my yarn scraps outside for the birds as well. My sister, Rheta, who is much more of a bird expert than I am, said these should already be out, but late is better than not, I think. I used the suet feeders to stuff bits of soft yarn for the birds to pluck out for nesting. We also have a lot of squirrels who may use them as well. I've been keeping a big plastic jar all winter for any yarn snippets, like when I would weave in my ends. These are perfect for cushioning a nest and keep them out of the local landfills. I placed some yarn on top of a large jasmine vine that the birds seem to favor. It will be interesting to see which disappears first, these or the ones in the suet feeders.
I'm not sure how long this warm spell will last, but I intend to enjoy it for what it's worth.Yesterday, was nice after two long distance trips in two days, just to sit on the screen porch with the cats and Henry, spinning a new blend of yarn - wool and Great Pyrenees. I can't wait to see how this yarn looks when plied. It's been fun blending this on my drum carder. If this weather holds, maybe I'll get outside with some dyes later this week.
I hope your winter is starting to thaw a little and the birds are singing as beautifully as they are here.

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