Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Entrelac Throw

I've been getting several orders lately for the yarn, Wisdom Limerick in colorway 31801. There is a beautiful pattern in the Winter Issue of Knit Simple magazine for an entrelac throw done with this particular yarn. There is also a very similar wrap knitted with the same yarn in the Wisdom Colors Collection pattern book, which was also featured recently at Stitches.

I started saying to myself, "Hmmm, maybe I should give entrelac another try." I took a class last year which was a lot of fun. I did well during the class, then went home and couldn't get it right. Frustration ensued, and I found myself shelving this project.
After seeing these new patterns, I'm giving it another try. I started the first row of triangles and after a few, I'm completing a triangle without looking at the pattern. I have three more to complete tonight, then on to the part that gave me a fit before. The pictures in Knit Simple are very good and I found a youtube video by Eunny Jang which is really good. I'll keep posting my progress.
Feel free to join me in this project. I'd love to hear how you're coming along with this.


Tara K said...

I recently finished an entrelac hat, and what I can say is that you will love entrelac once you've masted knitting from left to right (or knitting backwards). This eliminates the need to turn the work all the time. You can find several videos on YouTube .. but it really is the key to loving entrelac.

Craft Write said...

Thanks for the hint. I did look at some of the videos and didn't know if they were worth trying, but now I'll go back and do that. I plan on taking the plunge today to do the second row.