Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Crafterdays Art Fire Account Closed

I made a decision today to close my Art Fire account. I had been considering this lately, as it is additional work and duplicated somewhat with my site, www.theirresistibleewe.com. I had considered it an alternate way that my customers could shop for yarn and also buy handmade items. There is much discussion going on between the pro-sellers at Art Fire and the COO/Vice-President Tony right now as to who should be allowed to sell on the AF site.

Sellers have been grouped according to what they are selling and also high/low categories. I was very disappointed and dismayed to see that as a seller of commercial goods, although a high for customer interest, I would be considered low ethically due to not selling all handmade goods. This not only hurt my feelings personally, but professionally. I have been crafting since I could manage crayons and scissors, professionally now for at least thirty years. My customer ratings there were five-star (all 100%).

I can understand artisans wanting to be part of a handmade-only site. Sites such as Art Fire raise the standard for serious crafters, something long-coming in a world where art is often only given credence if it is in the form of an oil painting or marble sculpture. I just wish they had been a little more up front with these feelings when I signed up to sell my yarn there. Maybe I should have scoped out the site better before taking the plunge with my 168 items listed.

I just can't get past the "low ethics" category on this, however. Fortunately, the Ewe is doing well and this will give me more time to develop this website. I'm working on new merchandise to sell there, including a new workbook for knitters (coming out by this Spring).

I want to thank my customers from Art Fire. They have been a great bunch of persons to work with, but then that is one reason I love selling fiber supplies. I always meet the nicest people. I wish those sellers who remain with Art Fire the best of luck.


Anonymous said...

how did you close your artfire account? coz i want to close mine

Crafterdays said...

I think I emailed them. Actually, it's funny that I'm just getting this comment. I just decided to swallow my pride and reopened my account. I was making sales through them and now feel that I was cutting off my nose by closing the account. I'm planning to close my etsy account, where I've NEVER made a sale. I like the way I can list the number of items available on Art Fire, which I can't do on my Irresistible Ewe main website. I just plan to not read any of their newsletters (which I still feel were rather snotty) and just go about my business of selling excellent quality yarns and rovings as usual. The "artists" who sell their hand-made items had to get their materials from people like me:)