Saturday, December 25, 2010

Stash-Busting Cat Blankets

I'm trying to make more room in my studio/yarn shop upstairs. I decided to start with getting rid of some of the yarn that I've had for a while by crocheting some cat blankets for our local shelter. I bought a size 35 crochet hook last week at A.C. Moore in Greenville, NC and started with a bag of coordinated blue/gray toned yarn. Using four strands at once and strictly single crochet, the blanket came together in just a few hours. The second bag up was several solid colors of Lion Brand Thick and Quick. The colors ranged from taupe to rust, but all seemed very compatible in different lights. I tried four strands, but quickly undid all due to over-bulkiness. Three strands worked well for a more rug-like blanket. I think this will be okay for a shelter kitty waiting in a cage for its forever home. I played with the colors throughout the blanket, adding and/or dropping just one color at a time rather than crocheting in stripes. This allowed two of the colors to continue, making more of a subtle shading much like self-shading yarn. I had more of the taupe than anything, so after the first few rows, I let this one continue until the end, alternating dropping and adding one of the others. Willow gave it her "divability" test just as I was snapping the first photo. Even though it's blurred slightly, it's so "her" that I had to leave it in. I hear snow's on its way here tonight, so maybe I have time for one more blanket to crochet before next week:)


Tara K said...

I love this idea! I think I may duplicate this .. I have a bunch of RedHeart worsted weight yarn downstairs in colors that I probably won't use for shawls for me .. but I bet the kitties would love them! What size did you make your rugs?

Craft Write said...

Thanks for asking. They're approximately 25" x 18", an odd size, I know. They just came out that way.