Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hearts & Clubs Cowl

I'm offering a new loom-knitted cowl design for my readers. The pattern uses two skeins - one is Universal's Classic Chunky in Red, and the other is Rozetti's Cocoon in Black, both available on my website, The Irresistible Ewe. The cocoon yarn is a little slower to loom knit, but is not hard. I let two cocoons dangle starting and ending the final row each time. Wrap one cocoon behind the peg, then you can wrap two pegs with the cord in between each one. You'll have to work with this. The pattern is as follows:

1. Cast on around the loom (I used the Purple Knifty Knitter round hat loom) two times, using the e-wrap method. Pull the bottom loop over the top loop and continue this until you have four rows.

2. Cut the Cocoon yarn leaving two cocoons to dangle.

3. Cast on with the Classic Chunky Red yarn using the e-wrap method. Knit the bottom loop (Cocoon) over the top loop (Red). Continue for six rows with the Red.

4. Cable Row: Knit the first two pegs. Remove the loop from the 3rd peg and save behind using either a cable stitch holder or other holder (I used a crochet hook). Take the fourth loop and place it on the 3rd peg. Place the 3rd loop from the holder to the 4th peg. Wrap these two pegs as usual and knit them off. Continue this pattern around the loom. You'll end up cabling #47 & 48 pegs.

5. The pattern continues as follows: 4 rows regular e-wrap stitches, 1 row of cables (follow step 4). You can determine how many sets of Steps 4 & 5 are comfortable for you. I cabled four rows.

6. End the red yarn back at the beginning hook. Add on the Cocoon yarn again and follow Steps 1 & 2.

7. Ending: This was the trickiest, but still not hard. I bound off using this method. Take loop #1 and place it over loop #2. Knit off. Take loop #2 and place it on loop #3. Knit off. At this point, the knitting became very tight. I e-wrapped again with the Cocoon onto #3 peg, knitted off and then placed #3 loop on #4 peg, knitted this off, etc. You'll have to see how this works for you. When it feels too tight, just add an extra e-wrap, knit it off and continue moving the left loop to the right peg, knit off, etc., etc. Have fun and let me know how this works for you.
Kathryn Jacoby

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