Friday, May 14, 2010

Moebius Knitting

I received a Cat Bordhi book for my birthday recently, The Second Treasury of Magical Knitting. It's all about moebius knitting. What's a moebius? A moebius is a continuous loop which can be made by taking the end of a rectangle, making one twist and attaching it to the other end. That would have been too easy for a knitter like Cat Bordhi. She has developed a method of casting on so that when the knitting's begun, the moebius forms itself. The knitting is for the basic scarf I'm making is done on an extra long circular needle. I'm using a #48" size 10 and Fibra Natura's Mermaid in Storm. I'm down to my last one or two rows before adding the i-cord bind off. It looks challenging, but if it's like the rest of her directions, it should pan out beautifully and easily. Cat can be found on Amazon for any of her numerous books, and on You Tube. She's a hoot to watch and gives the best, and most entertaining example of turning a heel on a sock I've seen. It's also non-holey. (Is that a word?) Her website is I'm particularly interested in her article on how to incorporate teaching knitting into a classroom. There are also free patterns, so check it out. Anyway, it's Friday night, the plants are watered and it's time to sit down with the hubby and the knitting. Good night.

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