Sunday, April 18, 2010

New Counter at Lion Brand

I subscribe to the Lion Brand Yarn Play newsletter. It's always very bright, colorful and cheerful and full of great ideas for knitting or crocheting. I was catching up on old issues this morning and found a pattern I liked for a hot water bottle cover. When I pulled it up, I found a new device Lion Brand is now using with its online patterns. It's says "Click to Count" and can be moved around the patterns online with your mouse. It has plus and minus buttons to keep up with your rows as well as a O button. This is a reset button. The computer will even send up a message box asking if you're sure you want to reset the count. This is brilliant! For those of us who run out of space in our studios when filling notebooks of patterns we just know we plan to knit or crochet sometime before our 100th birthdays, then lose track of them (out of sight....), this is a way to keep up with our patterns online. We avoid the clutter, let Lion Brand keep our patterns organized and stored for us, and we can use the marker to keep up with our knitting while we knit. The only hitch I see is that you'll need to keep your knitting near your laptop, if traveling with your knitting, or use a notebook to jot down exactly where you left off when you need to take a break or turn off the computer.
Still, kudos to Lion Brand for the new robo-counter. I love it. More ways to green our earth and save a tree. Thanks for this.

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