Sunday, April 4, 2010


I love to work with color, the more the better when choosing yarn. But, what do you do when you've been through several projects and have bits of this and that left over? One complaint I hear from my knitting or weaving friends/students is, "I just don't know how to put colors together." I came across an excellent youtube video made by Knitting Daily TV. It features Prism Arts' Laura Bryant and is called, Trash Your Colorwheel and Have Fun with Color. Laura shows the audience how to arrange skeins of yarn from dark (heavier weight) to light (lighter weight) and then to use bright colors to fill in. I liked the way she placed each bright skein around the group until it "fit in." I think this is a helpful tutorial for those who want to add an accent color in knitting, combine strands of yarn for a bulkier weight or for those of us who weave. Being still new to weaving, I haven't had a lot of experience in choosing alternate colors for warping. This opens up a new chapter in my weaving. I can now look at varying not just colors, such as red, blue, green, but varying warp threads by hues with an occasional bright contrasting color. What possibilities can you imagine?


Rudee said...

Thanks for the link. When I arrange my yarn room, I'll do so by weight!

Craft Write said...

I agree. I usually try to keep all of my same colors together, regardless of brand. That way I can see at a glance the exact shade of yarn I'm looking for.It also helps when you want to do a project with several shades or hues of a particular color.