Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Woohoo! It's Working!

It is finally working! The Irresistible Ewe is finally functional and fully open for business. I've been on the phone and on the email with my services and thanks to their patience, I can now offer my customers the February sales I promised. We're offering many yarns in reds and pink shades. Just look for the knitting ewe at the top of the page, then scan down to find the sales. Check out our Velvet Bamboo Circular needles. They have the lightness and warmth of bamboo with an extra polish and smooth join to rival the popular metal speed needles, but with less of the cost. We aare also offering 9-inch circulars in the traditional bamboo. I'm almost finished knitting my first sock using Wisdom Marathon sock yarn and the 9-inch circular needles. I only needed to switch to the DPN's when I was rounding the heel, but now I'm approaching the toe, back on the circ's. They have a metal join which is very smooth and makes knitting a sock much faster than bothering with the DPN's. And thanks again to the Cat Bordhi videos and Jimmy Beans Wool videos for helping with the sock.
So, here's an offer for my readers: For the first 25 customers who include the word, "Valentines" in the special instruction box, we will send a beaded stitch marker along with your order.
Please visit the site. We'll be adding items each day, so feel free to give feedback if you wish.

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