Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That Worrisome HTML

I have to apologize to anyone who has tried to go on my new website, The Irresistible Ewe and even consider making a purchase. I'm making slow, but sometimes sure progress. I realized tonight, thanks to my sister who helped me make a trial run, that things were going terribly wrong. The shopping cart was not working, and in fact, it was coming up in bits on the page. I thought at first it was because I had finally figured out how to put more than one item on a row (no thanks to Google sites help forum) and that I had not allowed enough space for the cart. Thanks to my nephew, Paul, who never runs out of patience with his aunt even when she calls him out of the blue with computer questions. And more thanks to my friend, Alan, who not only never runs out of patience with my questions either, but came up with a wonderfully easy way to fix this. I'm learning more about html than I ever wanted to know. I'm now able to save my website. It's not entirely fixed because I do need to sleep tonight before giving nine-week tests at school all day tomorrow. I promise to adjust the prices (that jumped up by mistake) and get the shopping carts corrected and ready for use. I expect it will now be closer to Valentine's Day before the whole site is fully functional, but that may also mean more fun with online grand opening surprises. Again, thanks for continuing to tune in to see the slow progress. Again, Thanks to everyone who spent time with me on th phone tonight. Thanks, Rheta, for giving me one of your ears while Idol was on. Love you all.

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