Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Slowly, But Surely

I'm starting to get the hang of the html code going into The Irresistible Ewe website. I've also been toying with a couple of ways to list the yarns. At first I tried the drop-down menus for the first two Universal yarns. This was a little bit of a pain, but then I found out how to copy and modify the code to add more colors in the drop-down. Then I decided to create an Add to Cart button for each individual yarn. This has proven a little more time consuming, but I like the effect better. This means, also, that I'm only happy with two of the yarn pages: Fibra Natura's Aspen and Cobblestone. I'm going to go back and revise the Bella yarns. If I could only figure out how to make more than one entry per line, I'd be able to scrunch things up a bit to make it less cumbersome for my customers. Oh, well, I feel like I'm learning something every time I sit down at the computer to work, so that part is great. I was really hoping to open it fully by January 1, but now it looks more like the end of the month. As each table is completed, however, the yarns, then the accessories will be available. You'll just have to keep checking back to see how much progress I'm making. As always, I'm open to comments.

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