Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Yarn is Coming, The Yarn is Coming!

Today is the day I receive my first shipment of yarn from Universal Yarn. Woohoo! Or should I say, OMG, where will I put it? My sister, Rheta, made the three-and-a-half hour trip with me Monday to Concord, NC to make my first purchase. I was so impressed with the kind treatment from the staff there. They were all very enthusiastic and helpful with the order. We were shown (and touched and squeezed) skein after skein of the most beautiful yarns. And then came the selection process. I think it'll get easier, but for the first time, there were some hard decisions to be made. Every type of yarn really wanted to go home with me; I could just hear them whispering, "Pick me, pick me." The Universal line is so extensive. If you can't find a yarn you'll just love from them, you're not looking hard enough, or at all. When the final order was completed, we realized that we'd been sitting for about four hours! We'd totally missed lunch and didn't have time for the yarns to be pulled before heading back to Goldsboro. It was just as well as we were exhausted by the time we got back to my house. Poor Rheta still had a little drive to get home. I can't stop thanking her enough for making the trip with me since she has been suffering from a bad cold. I'll start posting pictures of the yarn on the website, The Irresistible Ewe, and hope to have it fully operational within the next two weeks. I'm posting pictures of the conference room. Here I am, exhausted and overwhelmed, but extremely happy that I made it this week before school starts back again.

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