Monday, December 7, 2009

Fixing a Problem on the Rectangular Loom

I had a recent question about how to fix a mistake on a piece which was knitted on a rectangular loom and which has already been bound off. I wasn't sure myself and found a nice website called Loom Knitting Help. I wrote to Rebecca who writes the articles for this site. She has sent me the following information:

"As far as corrections, if it had been for a round loom, I could have uploaded corrections right away as I already have these written up. Making corrections to knitting on a knitting board such as a purple Knifty Knitter is more problematic. As you know, the knitting board works double knitting with a single strand of yarn, creating two interlocked fabrics by knitting, slipping wyib and then purling. The two parallel rows are wrapped and worked at the same time. It's much easier to correct double knitting worked with needles that uses the knit, slip wyib, purl method since it uses two strands of yarn and you can correct each strand. (I am aware that you can create double knitting with two strands of yarn on the knitting board and that there are a couple of different methods to do this but most people just use one strand.)

I think you may have missed in my last mail that I asked that you send me the exact problem. At this point, all I know is that the project has been bound off. Without knowing the issue, the only thing I can suggest is to remember "knit, slip wyib, purl" as the basic two connected stitches (front->back) for correction. Depending on the stitch, you may have more than one slip. She'll need to use a crochet hook to rework the stitches and will need to intertwine the stitches properly. If you can send me more information, I'd be happy to try to work up step by step instructions for her. There are quite a number of other corrections that I should write up for LKH for knitting boards, too."

Since I don't exactly know what the problem was, this is all I can do right now. I'd welcome any more input from anyone. I like the way Rebecca has also included some stitch corrections. I'll have to keep these in mind. Thanks so much, Rebecca for the help.

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