Sunday, November 29, 2009

November Needles

I've been brushing up on my cables lately and found a fun pattern through Ravelry. The Swampfield Cowl was designed and shared by Sara Amaroso on her blog, Penguin Purls. Thanks so much, Sara, for sharing this wonderful design. I'm planning to make another one, but this time, I'll know how to do a better bind-off thanks to Cat Bordhi and youtube. I used Cascade 109 Tweed LE. Also, thanks to Interweave Press for starting me on this quest to find various bind-off techniques. In their recent newsletter, they featured three different bind-off techniques. I've found that I learn knitting skills better when I can watch someone doing it rather than just reading and looking at drawings. So, I read the instructions, then go to youtube to see if there is a demo out there, watch the demo, then come back to the written instructions. After that, they usually make much more sense. I'm still a little foggy on the invisible rib bind-off instructions, but I'm assuming it's the same as the rib stitch bind-off. Instead of knitting off each stitch when binding off (which gives a fairly inflexible edge), you knit off the knit stitches and purl off the purl stitches. This gives a much more "natural-looking" edge and a much more flexible one.
I've subscribed to all of Cat Bordhi's videos on you tube. She's not only a wonderful knitter, but also a wonderful entertainer. The way she describes each technique is like reading a novel. The stitches become characters in a story that one is not likely to forget. She has the best explanation for wrapping the heel that I've seen. The imagery of ladies with their hairdo's and not mussing them when the stitches are carried over them will stay with me each time I knit a pair of socks. I also love the way she did this using a flat panel so that the technique is what you're looking at instead of the sock which can get into the way of seeing exactly what she is teaching. I've put several of her books on my Amazon wish list this year. Her video on knitting a moebius without having to graft is amazing. I understand that she demonstrates this technique behind her back during classes. As I've said, amazing.
I've also finished two other projects. The first is adapted from a pattern from Lion Brand called the Knitted Tube Scarf and was knitted with their Landscapes yarn. I added a keyhole near the end of the scarf and shortened the length. I'm not too sure I like the keyhole with this size yarn, but it's there.
I also knitted a pair of fingerless gloves, based on E A Kelly's pattern Lovely Lichen. It features the moss stitch. I used Plymouth Encore Chunky yarn. They're very warm and wear very comfortably while knitting. Stay tuned for more projects. I now have my new 32-inch rigid heddle warped and have a new project in mind for it.

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