Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mug Rug Sale

The Fiber Arts Club that I sponsor at the middle school where I teach is gearing up for a holiday sale. The students are making handwoven mug rugs using their Todd Looms and my Cricket Loom. They each had a go at the Cricket a few weeks ago and all did very well. This really speaks for the ease of using this loom. We're meeting again tomorrow and I hope to wrap up this segment of our fiber skills training. Of course, my cats had to get into the action while I was trying to take pictures of the mug rugs.
We meet again early December and I'd like to start them on knitting. Holidays are fast-approaching and it would be good to get them started so they can use their needles over the holidays. I'm hoping to use my knitting videos to instruct them. I think I'll teach the knitted cast-on. Just a slip knot, then start knitting the stitches onto the needle. They should be able to pick up a garter stitch - hopefully in one session. One of our office personnel visited last time and stayed to learn the weaving herself, taking home a loom to work with. It was great to have an extra set of hands and eyes. Thanks, Caryl!If the mugs don't all sell, I'll post them on Art Fire if anyone is interested.

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