Sunday, July 5, 2009

New Book: Toilet Roll Covers

I recently purchased a book, Toilet Roll Covers, by Pat Ashforth and Steve Plummer. The projects for this book really sold me on the book, which is surprising, since I'm not usually a fan of kitschy crochet items like the little doll toilet roll covers. However, these are designs never seen before in a bathroom and are just darn cute. I will admit, I'm not someone who likes to read directions. Give me pictures and diagrams and I'm off. This was a mistake with this book. Although the projects are easy enough, the authors use different terminology than what I'm used to seeing here in the United States. Is the terminology for crochet different in the U.K.? They call a single crochet a double, a double a treble, etc. This was really confusing and caused me to start over twice on the wooly sheep cover. They also don't specify yarn size or hook size for the main covers, so this forced me to swatch to figure this out on my own. They do give you gauge information, so you can figure this out on your own. This does give more flexibility for your projects; you just have to swatch.
I'm not sure this is a book for beginners, or at least not beginners who have lazy habits like I do. It also helps to have your toilet roll handy while knitting or crocheting in order to fit it. (In my case, it also necessitates having a plastic bag to hide the roll while not using it, as my cat Willow is a shredder and can completely flay a toilet roll as soon as I leave the room).
But, having said all that, I would still highly recommend this book. I'm planning to try the Paper Tiger next which looks like garter stitch. I'll post a picture of my wooly sheep cover when finished. I bought the book at Barnes & Noble, but you can also find it at

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