Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wall Border Show Notes

I've sent out three videos to my podcast audience. I have two projects going at once. I'll alternate with these over the next few weeks. The wall border is done, but some parts still need to be edited. I've just finished an intro clip which turned out nicely, I think. I'm exploring Windows Movie Maker in an attempt to make my podcasts both more professional and as inexpensive as possible. My first two video clips did not come through my iPod as a video podcast. The only reason I can think of is that when I converted the video using zamzar.com, I asked for the Windows video to be converted to mpeg4. Windows Movie Maker will publish your videos to your computer, but not in mpeg4 format which is needed to upload to iPod. For the last video, I asked for the video to be converted to iPod. It still came out as an mpeg4, but this time, I was able to pull it up on my iPod as a video podcast. The first two videos came up under Video Playlists, still accessible, but more difficult to find. So if anyone was having trouble finding the first two clips, you might look under Video Playlists.
I did want to mention that after having filmed this, I located a large filbert brush to paint the leaves on the bathroom wall (pictured above). The technique is the same as for the flat brush. I like the filbert because it helps round the base of the leaf so much better.
I'm still working on the cat screen. I hope to be back on this tomorrow. I woke up yesterday with a wonky neck and have been walking around with my head sideways like some horror show monster for two days now - not good for crafting when you need to have a good sense of perspective. I had an adjustment this morning and my chiropractor assures me I'll be fine by tomorrow. I can almost hold my head upright now, so I hope to be painting the screen again by tomorrow.
I have several knitting projects going, including two yoga bags by Lion Brand patterns. They're from the book, Just Bags, and are super easy to knit and assemble. I'll post pictures as these are completed.

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