Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wall Border Show Notes

I've sent out three videos to my podcast audience. I have two projects going at once. I'll alternate with these over the next few weeks. The wall border is done, but some parts still need to be edited. I've just finished an intro clip which turned out nicely, I think. I'm exploring Windows Movie Maker in an attempt to make my podcasts both more professional and as inexpensive as possible. My first two video clips did not come through my iPod as a video podcast. The only reason I can think of is that when I converted the video using zamzar.com, I asked for the Windows video to be converted to mpeg4. Windows Movie Maker will publish your videos to your computer, but not in mpeg4 format which is needed to upload to iPod. For the last video, I asked for the video to be converted to iPod. It still came out as an mpeg4, but this time, I was able to pull it up on my iPod as a video podcast. The first two videos came up under Video Playlists, still accessible, but more difficult to find. So if anyone was having trouble finding the first two clips, you might look under Video Playlists.
I did want to mention that after having filmed this, I located a large filbert brush to paint the leaves on the bathroom wall (pictured above). The technique is the same as for the flat brush. I like the filbert because it helps round the base of the leaf so much better.
I'm still working on the cat screen. I hope to be back on this tomorrow. I woke up yesterday with a wonky neck and have been walking around with my head sideways like some horror show monster for two days now - not good for crafting when you need to have a good sense of perspective. I had an adjustment this morning and my chiropractor assures me I'll be fine by tomorrow. I can almost hold my head upright now, so I hope to be painting the screen again by tomorrow.
I have several knitting projects going, including two yoga bags by Lion Brand patterns. They're from the book, Just Bags, and are super easy to knit and assemble. I'll post pictures as these are completed.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I've Gone Video!

After a lot of deliberation, I decided to do yet another change. I'm giving up my website of the last six months. It has been difficult for me to work with and hasn't given me the flexibility I needed. Instead, I've decided to upgrade my podcast to include video. I'm mainly interested in using this media to share crafting and craft instruction with my readers and listeners, so this seemed the logical choice. I've posted my intro video podcast which should be available on iTunes now. Unfortunately, I've run into a snag with syncing the audio and video. I've used Format Factory to convert the .wav files into .mpeg4 which is required for podcasting. My intro looks like a bad sci fi movie where the mouth moves for several seconds, then the sound starts. I also tried using zamzar.com to convert the file, but with the same results. Oh well. Fortunately, I'd rather film my hands working than my mouth talking, so I don't think this will present a problem. Let's hope this works out. I've contacted both zamzar and Format Factory for advice. Anyway, see what you think. I'm going to combine the cat screen videos to post and will be working on completing the project in the next week. As always, feedback is welcome.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Mystery of the Disappearing Sunflowers

Each year, I have sunflowers that volunteer under my birdfeeder as if to remind me to be more diligent at keeping the feeders full, so that the birds won't have to sacrifice a few seeds in order to grow their own food. This year was no different and Henry and I were thrilled to have the sunny yellow and brown faces smiling back at us through the windows. Last year, we had plenty of sunflowers, then one day, the heads were gone. I suspected the squirrels, but didn't have proof. This year, again, a few heads began to disappear. I happened to be looking out the kitchen window one afternoon, when I noticed fierce movement beneath the sunflower patch. On closer inspection, two small furry gray legs appeared beneath one of the flower heads, now bent almost to the ground. I grabbed my camera and sneaked over to the fence. The mystery was now solved. The little guy gets my vote for most tenacious forager. He would look up lovingly at a blossom, reach up and begin pulling, often ending up on his back when the flower stalk pulled back too much. He never gave up, but went on pulling and nibbling until the entire blossom was eaten: seed head, calyx, petals and all.
Now, some of you may ask why I didn't shoo him off from "my flower." Well, they're not mine entirely. We garden for ourselves, but we also take into consideration what the plants will do for the wildlife in our area. There are enough blueberries in the grocery store that a few pinched by the local birds from my bushes won't throw me into a state of starvation. Likewise, our figs will be shared this year, I'm sure. After all, the sunflower seeds were put out to feed the birds, so I consider the plants fair game to any wildlife that can make a meal off of them.
Plus, you can't beat a squirrel for entertainment. Just find a window and pull up a chair:)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Knitting in Public

In the spirit of joining in with other knitters celebrating World Wide Knit in Public Day, I joined two other knitters today at our local bookstore. My mother got away for awhile, thanks to my sister who looked in on our Dad while she was gone. My aunt joined us and had a chance to visit with my mother as well. It was nice to just sit down and visit over a cup of coffee and to talk about knitting and crochet with others who enjoy this as well. I hope everyone else who went out to KIP today had fun. The event has been extended to tomorrow and next weekend as well, but that weekend will also be shared with Father's Day. I hope there are more knitters in your area than I've found in this small city.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I finally got it! Video and music in one! Thanks to the advice from PPTAlchemy (method one). I love learning new technology skills. This has opened up a new world to me as far as presentations at school and on these blogs. Hope you enjoy the music. I love it.

Delores Fletcher, Cobweb Catcher

Saturday, June 6, 2009

NC Festival Slideshow

I recently had a chance to attend the Fiber Section of the NC Festival in Raleigh, NC. There were several booths by local fiber merchants and fiber artists. I've included a slide show of some of the pictures I took while there. I've enjoyed spinning some of the beautiful mohair and wool blended roving I purchased.

NC Festival 2009, Fiber Section

World Wide Knit in Public Day

World Wide Knit in Public Day is the largest ranging knitting event in the world. If you're a knitter, this is a great chance to go out and network with other fiber artists in your community, share ideas and let's face it, talk knitting with other people who actually are excited to join in your knitting conversation. You can find out about events happening in your community by going onto the main website for the WWKIPD: http://www.wwkipday.com/. I'm hosting one of the events in Goldsboro, NC at Books-A-Million on Saturday, June 13 at 10:30. There should be plenty of seating for a small group. We don't have a knitting guild within 30 miles or more, so maybe this would lead to some kind of regular networking. I know there used to be a spinning guild here years ago, but that has since disbanded.
There are three other dates set aside for the knitting in public this year: June 14, 20, & 21. Since the 21st is Father's Day, however, this might be a more difficult date for some.

If you're coming from the Raleigh area or traveling 70E coming into Goldsboro:
29.5 mi – about 44 mins
Hwy 70
Smithfield, NC 27577
1.Head southeast on US-70 W toward NC-1596/S Rogers Dr
7.2 mi
2.Turn right at US-70 E
17.3 mi
3.Take the US-70/US-13/US-117 ramp to KINSTON/GREENVILLE
0.3 mi
4.Merge onto US-117 N/US-13 N
Continue to follow US-13 N
4.1 mi
5.Take the exit toward Snow Hill
0.2 mi
6.Turn left at N Berkeley Blvd/NC-1579/US-13
Continue to follow N Berkeley Blvd/US-13
0.3 mi
7.Make a U-turn at Pkwy Dr
0.1 mi
1101 Berkeley Blvd
Goldsboro, NC 27534

If you're coming into Goldsboro on 70W (from Kinston or La Grange):
Driving directions to 1101 Berkeley Blvd, Goldsboro, NC 27534
19.2 mi – about 25 mins
E Hwy 70
Princeton, NC 27569
1.Head southeast on US-70 E toward NC-2313/WC Braswell Rd
14.2 mi
2.Take the US-70/US-13/US-117 ramp to KINSTON/GREENVILLE
0.3 mi
3.Merge onto US-117 N/US-13 N
Continue to follow US-13 N
4.1 mi
4.Take the exit toward Snow Hill
0.2 mi
5.Turn left at N Berkeley Blvd/NC-1579/US-13
Continue to follow N Berkeley Blvd/US-13
0.3 mi
6.Make a U-turn at Pkwy Dr
0.1 mi
1101 Berkeley Blvd
Goldsboro, NC 27534

If you're coming from Highway 13S (from Snow Hill, Ayden, Grifton or Greenville):
Driving directions to 1101 Berkeley Blvd, Goldsboro, NC 27534
12.2 mi – about 14 mins
Hwy-13 S, Snow Hill, Greene, North Carolina 28580
1.Head southwest on Hwy-13 S/US-13 S toward NC-1205/Peanut Rd
Continue to follow US-13 S
12.2 mi
1101 Berkeley Blvd
Goldsboro, NC 27534

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Baby Blanket Finished

I finished the Lion Brand Hooded Baby Wrap for my colleague's baby shower just in time last night. I had some difficulty with the final directions for ending the wrap. The top and sides cornered nicely, but the bottom was pointy. I took it out last night and reworked it, changing the directions, but it was still a little pointed. The directions read to follow the same pattern for decreasing until you have three stitches left. The decrease is K2, YO, K2tog twice and knit to the end. Once you hit five stitches, if you follow this pattern, you keep five stitches across. Instead, when I came to the last six stitches, I did this: K2, K2tog twice, the last row was: K1,K2tog, K1 which left me with three stitches which I then bound off. I decided to crochet the hood onto the top, then follow it around with a single crochet border. I didn't get a chance to photograph it at home last night, so during my break this morning, I scanned it. I know that's pretty lame, but at least I have a photo of part of it. All in all, I loved doing this pattern. It's knitted on the diagonal, so I only had to cast on three stitches to begin. The pattern is free on the Lion Brand site.

Podcast # 9 Follow-Up

I mentioned in my last podcast that I would post information on upcoming craft festivals in North Carolina. I'm posting them here. This is by no means an exclusive list. There are many festivals, both craft and other types all year long. These are some of the larger ones:

Fall Craft Fair at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC
November 13-15, 2009

Chrysanthemum Festival in historic New Bern, NC
October 10-11, 2009

Wooly Worm Festival in Banner Elk, NC
October 17-18, 2009