Monday, May 4, 2009

Using a Rectangular Knitting Loom

I'm posting a series of video clips to show how to knit using the Knifty Knitter purple rectangular loom by Provo Craft. In this first video, I'll show how to start the yarn onto the loom and to wind it on for the first row. You'll need the loom, yarn, scissors, and the loom hook that comes with the loom.

In the second video, we continue for a second row and start into a third. You can take it from here. Each row is knitted the same after this until you reach the desired length. For this blanket, which will be donated to our local animal adoption and education center, I wanted it nice and cushiony. I used two strands of Red Heart worsted weight yarn. I wanted an inexpensive yarn that could be thrown into the washing machine if needed. If you use a chunky yarn, you'd only need one strand.

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