Saturday, May 2, 2009

Podcasting Class

Okay, so I've been podcasting, but I could use a few more technology renewal credits for my teaching license, so what better way to get these than to take a class on podcasting. Well, I've taken two now, one through school which is over and one I'm in the middle of right now. It's through and it's called Easy Classroom Podcasting. We're learning to do enhanced podcasts using Power Point presentations and audio podcasts using Yodio. Look to the right if you want an example of how a podcast through this service sounds. I'm not thrilled with the quality compared to my mike or the laptop's mike, but it's free, just uses a telephone and I think next year, I'll find a lot of uses in my classroom for our school website. For someone just starting into podcasting who doesn't really want to spend extra money, Yodio is a good option. It works with a number of servers and posts very rapidly. You can sign up at

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Kimberly Hankins said...

Good news! In addition to using the phone to record, you can upload your own audio that you've recording from your own mic on your PC! It uses the same process as uploading your photos!
Also, when embedding, you have several different player options, including a smalled, audio only player that fits well in small places. Yodio is proving to be great for educational uses!