Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's All That Thrumming I Hear?

My Knitting Daily newsletter came on the email yesterday with an article about thrummed mittens. I am totally intrigued. Thrumming involves knitting in wisps of unspun sheep's wool with the regular spun wool which leaves the ends of the roving soft and warm inside the mittens. This also obviously leaves a contrasting pattern on the outside of the mittens. Sandi Wiseheart, editor, has promised to eak out little tidbits this week to teach readers about thrumming. Okay, I'm a Type A and couldn't wait, so I've been researching this thrumming idea on the web. I came across a free pattern from Corinne at this website: http://www.knittingonthenet.com/patterns/mittensthrummed.htm. I've got to try this. After all, we "might" get some more snow flurries tomorrow night before it goes back up to the 50's and 60's here in Goldsboro. The last time it snowed this year, the students got a day off and the next with a two-hour delay. By that time I didn't see any frozen stuff anywhere, but the school board stated that "some areas" still had ice. Works for me. Anyway, I have plenty of roving, even some already dyed, so this sounds like fun. I've never knitted mittens, so I may adapt Corinne's pattern for some larger sized wool to do this more quickly. We'll see. For those of you who get good quality snow that lasts more than a day, enjoy your winter. You might want to check out the thrumming.

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