Thursday, February 5, 2009

Four-Part Basic Spinning Video

I'm doing an experiment with my new website: Crafterdays. I planned to do a monthly video tutorial for a craft. I videoed the start of a spinning episode - how to start the roving onto the spinning wheel. My new site only allows up to 30 mb of memory to be uploaded at a time, so I had to divide it into four parts. Once it uploaded, it was taking forever to start, so now I'm going to try to upload it to this site and do a link between the two sites. I have better luck with uploading video to the blog. So, here goes: Part 1 Basic Spinning. Sorry if it's not very technical. Something happens to my brain when I hit the record button. All of a sudden I can't remember what words are and my personality (Henry describes me kindly as "not perky") disappears. Anyway, I hope for those of you trying to learn to spin, this helps. I remember when Henry bought me my wheel last summer. I never could get much from most of the videos because the spinners never did the very first step of actually starting the roving onto the bobbin. It's definitely better with a real, live person sitting next to you for your first lesson, but if you don't have that, maybe this will be the next best thing. Please comment on these clips and let me know how they can be improved.
Part 1: Introduction

Part 2:Threading the lead wool into the bobbin, drafting the roving.

Part 3: Starting the roving into the bobbin, short draw spinning. You're spinning!

Part 4: Adding new roving while spinning, how to distribute yarn evenly onto the bobbin while spinning, how to leave the spinning when you need to stop.

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