Monday, January 19, 2009

One-Stitch Quilting First Attempt

I received Donna Dewberry's book, One-Stitch Quilting, as a gift and have almost completed my first wall-hanging. It was fairly easy once I figured out the directions. I have assembled the pieces, now I need to do the stitching. This quilting technique is very different from traditional quilting. There is a lot of planning, but everything goes together before the first stitch is made. Just like her One-Stroke Painting, the technique was developed by Donna and Cindy Casciato to do eliminate steps to make the process easier and more fun. I'd love to continue with this and become certified in this technique as well. I've tried traditional quilting and became frustrated with the intricate work involved. The One-Stitch method uses adhesive grids and less work involved in sewing so many pieces together. Now, I can't wait to start on my next project.

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