Sunday, January 11, 2009

Craft Write Video Podcast 4 Knotless Netting

I started a gourd today which I am embellishing with knotless netting. This is not a difficult technique. It is a series of loops, one into another. In this first part, I'm setting up the gourd for the technique. The gourd was previously dyed using various leather dyes. The inside has already been cleaned. I'm using a household ice pick for my awl. You may wish to use a smaller one if you want smaller holes. I'm also using a piece of stick on tape measure. I didn't take the paper off the back as I wanted to use just the one piece to move around the gourd and space out the holes evenly. I'm also using waxed linen for the netting and pre-drilled seashells and beads. The waxed linen can be purchased from Royalwood, Ltd.

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