Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton

I just finished reading Casting Spells by Barbara Bretton. Not usually one for romance novels, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. I love fantasy and knitting and
Barbara has combined both in a magical way. The story involves Chloe Hobbs, half-sorceress and inhabitant of Sugar Maple, Vermont. She is bound by birth to the town, a haven for magical escapees of the former Salem witch trials. She is also bound by a protection charm which has protected the town from crime and humans for hundreds of years. Chloe has not come into her powers at the beginning of the story because she has not yet fallen in love, although opportunity with various magical beings from Sugar Maple have made themselves available. She is destined to fall in love with the all-human police detective Luke MacKenzie who comes to town to investigate an unusual murder. Sparks begin to literally fly between the two. Chloe must deal with Isodora, local evil Faery, who wants to pull Sugar Maple into another dimension while learning to control her blossoming powers as she finds herself falling deeper and deeper in love.

I hope Barbara will continue to combine these two genres and also that we haven't read the last of Chloe Hobbs. Her knit shop, where the yarn never tangles and you always get gauge is a place I would like to visit again.

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